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Welcome to
Zeal Perks

A perks program that provides your teams with valuable time saving services to help them excel in life and work!

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Why Zeal Perks?

Top Talent

Today’s employees are looking for more. Partnering with Zeal to offer concierge services will set your organization apart and help you attract and retain top talent. 

Employee Engagement

Increase employee morale by decreasing stress. Improve motivation by creating an inclusive culture that values employees’ time, talent, and diverse lifestyles

Productive Employees

Increase Productivity

The average American employee spends 2.09 hours of his/her workday on personal tasks. Let Zeal take on life’s busy tasks while your team focuses on your business!

What do you get with Zeal Perks?

Service Examples Available to Your Teams:
Packages of varying size available

Onsite Concierge

Errand Running

Home Based Help

Pet Visits


Shopping & Gifts

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